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John Curnutt  

Rev Up Your Wine SalesDirect Wine Marketing is essential for any winery, no matter its size, to increase margins gained from direct-to-consumer sales, elevate brand awareness, and sustain customer loyalty.

I have worked with over 40 + wineries in the Napa Valley and throughout the country. I have developed the strategies and tools needed to increase your direct-to-consumer sales, to convert prospects into buyers, and to create "champions" of your brand.

There are no "smoke and mirrors" to this process. I use proven methods including email/direct communications, website design, search engine optimization, social networking, ecommerce marketing, and adopt these into an overall strategy that fits your current production, staffing size, and budget.

Feel free to call me directly at 707-224-9412 for a free consultation or click to learn more about us, the services we offer and our client list.

-John Curnutt

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