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Over my 20 years of DJing DJ Culture has made many changes. Dance music has changed from Disco to Hip Hop - New Wave to Techno. DJ technology graduated from Vinyl to CDs and from CDs to .mp3s. I even have the technology to manipulate an .mp3 with a record and a laptop. The technique of mixing has changed as well, from the quick cut to the ecstasy of a 3 minute beat mix. I have also changed with the culture. Starting as a Mobile Jock doing all of the town dances I gained most of my popularity as a Radio Jock on KZSC. It was that popularity that launched my club gigs, house parties, RAVES and my own record label Rythmatrix. However, the one thing that has not changed about DJ Culture is my desire to get people on the dance floor.

Click here for my current playlist.

Below is a list of my current rates.

Musical Focus:
Retro 80's, 70's disco

$1200 four hour gig
$200 each addtional hour
$100 per hour travel time (Outside the Napa Valley)

25 years of experience
Local to the Valley
Turntablist, (A show within a show)
Moves the crowd, without embarassing, games, novelty songs, etc.

Email djjc at john@curnutt.org for individual pricing and availibility.

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